How to Become Popular on the Internet

The internet is really big place. Thank goodness Al Gore blessed all of us with his invention. Without him we would not know that Snooki is going to give birth to a little Snook-ette or that Urkel is on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. The internet has given humans infinite possibilities for experiencing their 15 minutes of fame. I did some market research recently just for this blog (I’m really dedicated to giving you guys the cold, hard facts of life) And I’ve compiled the best methods for breaking through the barriers and becoming popular on the internet.

Post Adorable Pictures/Videos of Your Cat
Check this guy out!
Just an everyday cat, wearing a bow tie and speaking with improper grammar. ADORABLE. Whoever made this, you are automatically the greatest person in the world to me. Who doesn’t love a talking cat? That’s just precious. Cat’s doing everyday activities while asking things like, “I can haz chezberger?” is maybe the greatest fad to ever hit the internet. Let’s keep doing this guys. Talking cats never get old.

Get Hit in the Gonads
This really only works for males. People think it’s hilarious when males get hit with baseball bats/fall off skateboards/really anything that cause physical harm. I don’t know why we as humans laugh when people are in pain, but we do. So if you want to be popular, film yourself getting seriously injured, upload that sucker to YouTube and there you go. Internet star.

Have Millions of Followers on Twitter
Becoming popular on twitter is a whole other issue in itself. But you’re in luck!! I’ve already addressed this with Amanda’s Super Easy Twitter Guide. You’re welcome!

Make a YouTube Video Asking a Celebrity Out on a Date
This has worked for several people. Such as this fine young lady.

She asked out ol’ JT and he answered by going with her to the ball. And now this girl is probably the most popular person in her hometown. (and she may also be on Jessica Biel‘s hit-list, I feel like Biel has a big hit-list. She looks angry) She’s served as inspiration to many others in trying to get a date with a celebrity. Which reminds me…I need to check and see why Sidney Crosby hasn’t responded to my video yet. He’s not doing anything right now. However I digress. Basically, if you make a video specifically addressed to a celebrity and that particular celebrity responds, BAM, overnight stardom. You’ll probably even get to be on TMZ. Everyone wants that!

Be the Most Hilarious Blogger Ever
Um. Hello, obviously I’ve got this one down to a t. I’m pretty much the best. So don’t even try this one. I’ve got the market cornered on hilarious blogging. I’m really funny. And humble.

Miscellaneous Other Reasons Which I Do Not Recommend. 
There are several other ways with which one can gain internet popularity. I do not recommend these methods. Things like being ‘the world’s dumbest criminal’ or someone unable to hold their liquor. Not a good thing to be popular for. And then there are the unmentionable reasons for internet popularity. I do not approve of these, nor do most respectable humans.

So now that I have educated you on the best way to be internet-awesome, you know what to do. What are you waiting for? GET STARTED!

[Disclaimer: Al Gore didn’t really invent the internet. I did none market research. I don’t actually find those cat pictures humorous. I do not recommend getting hit in the gonads. I only have 35 Twitter followers, the Twitter guide is not effective. I didn’t make a video for Sidney Crosby. No one wants to be on TMZ. I’m really not the most hilarious blogger, I’m not even in the top 9,000,000. I’m a terrible person to come to for advice. And I seem to be a chronic liar]

10 comments on “How to Become Popular on the Internet

  1. Maggie Mae says:

    OMG!! If you find out about Sidney Crosby, (if you wouldn’t mind), including me in on that date 😉 or just ask him to bring along Marc Andre Fleury and I’ll be happy with that!! Extremely happy!!
    Nice post. Fun!

  2. And I wonder why cats have dominated the internet over dogs. I post a cat pic on Facebook and everyone comes alive. Maybe there’s research to back that up, but I’m too lazy to Google that. As for Twitter, I’m disappointed that you can’t help me there, cause I just don’t get it. And I plead the Fifth on the subject of gonads, but for some reason that word makes me laugh! Good post!

    • yeldaba says:

      The world loves cats! No one knows why. Feel free to go ahead and utilize my twitter advice. It’s not successful for me. But it could work for you. You never know.

  3. Merit K says:

    I have to argue with you here- you are hilarious and cats with bad grammar are kind of cute 🙂

    Great post!

    • yeldaba says:

      Some of the cats with bad grammar are kind of cute. I’m just not sure why I see them everywhere. Now if I had a pet cat who actually, literally, spoke that way, with words and everything, then that would be the best thing ever.

  4. keatslover says:

    I love ur post. And u are among the most hilarious bloggers,believe me.:)

  5. Shekyn says:

    Modest much? You are absolutely hilarious Miss. Amanda 🙂

  6. CordovaBuzz says:

    37 twitter followers. Ha! 🙂

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