My Commitment to 2013

I’m sick.

I’m sick of the way this world is. I’m sick of insults being used as a joke, when in reality there is so much truth behind them (I’m guilty of doing this, as well as having been on the receiving end, it doesn’t feel great). I’m sick of seeing people being torn down by those they love and trust the most. I’m sick of everything being made into a political statement. I’m sick of people taking a stand for something they don’t know just to make waves. I’m sick of it.

I’m emotionally and mentally drained as I write this. I watch the kids I teach be torn down daily by their parents. Even 3 year olds are being beat down with words. It’s awful to see. The idea that if they mess up in any way, they’re no good. I see the shame they feel in their eyes. They should not have to deal with this. They should be carefree, they should be loving every second of life and living in a world of wonder and amazement, but they don’t. They live in the same world we do, the world where no one can be just ok, we have to be perfect. Today all I could do was watch as a child wept inconsolably because she had an accident. She felt like a failure. She knew ‘nana’ would be mad. She is not even 3. This makes my heart break.

When did love leave us? The purpose of relationship on this earth is to build one another up, to have a support system for when times get rough. Never should our relationships drain of us of our joy for life. Never should we feel afraid or feel shame to be with those who should be love to us. I’ve felt such a heaviness on my heart lately and it finally broke to the surface today. I broke down. I don’t see love in this world anymore. I don’t see compassion in this world anymore. I don’t see trust in this world anymore. We’ve become hard-hearted people. I don’t generally consider myself to be a pessimist so you’ll have to excuse me as this is all entirely pessimistic, but I’m so tired of it.

This world wasn’t created to be this way. It wasn’t made to make us sad. It wasn’t made to break us down. As I sit here I’m trying to think of something I said to lift someone up today, and I can’t think of a thing. I’m as guilty as everyone else for allowing myself to be made hard by the world. I hate that. I don’t want to be the reason for someone’s pain. I don’t want to contribute to the evil and sadness and downright awful world we live in anymore. I want to become a source of joy for people. I want to lift people up. I want to be the exception to the rule. And gosh darn it, if I can become that annoying peppy morning person I will.

I know I’m only one small blip on the map of the world, but I want to make a change. I want to bring love back to the forefront of this world.

Today I’m making a commitment:

Each day in 2013, I will try my best to not dwell on the negative and will focus only on the positive.

Each day I will do something to lift someone up, even if I’m having the worst day.

I’ll go ahead and send that silly text message because it can mean the world to someone. (I know, because I’ve been on the receiving side of those and they have changed my day more than some of you will ever know)

I want to start a revolution of love in this world. I don’t want to have tears in my eyes as I watch children filled with shame anymore.

I want to be a source of positivity.

I want to not be sick of what I see in this world anymore.

I want to make a change.

And for every negative Facebook post I write, you can all throw something at me. (You’ll be throwing things a lot at first, I’m sure) ūüôā

And I expect you to hold me to this. If you see me growing hard, reel me back in. I need it.

Scotty McCreery: A Commentary


Last week I did something I’m not proud of. I downloaded Scotty McCreery‘s album. You know, Scotty McCreery, the 18-year-old boy who looks like Alfred E. Newman and sings like a 57-year-old man. That guy. I don’t know what came over me. I saw that it was only $7.99 on iTunes, and like that I hit the download button and there he was in all his glory on my iPod. The worst part about all of this is that I enjoyed the music. I liked it. A lot. What is wrong with me. Well, I enjoyed it that is, until I got to the title song, Clear As Day:

“You were sitting on that Silverado bumper
Outside our locker room after the game”

Hey, uh Scotty. Is it not strange to you, that she’s just hanging out on a bumper? And do trucks have bumpers? Isn’t it more of a tailgate? I’m not really ‘southern’ like you, I don’t know much. Also what kind of game? Clearly you’re telling a story here. I need more details to have a better mental picture of what’s happening.

“Glowing in the tan you got that summer”

Ok, so it’s summer. We’re probably talking baseball here. That’s pretty much the only summer sport, unless she’s still sporting her tan from the summer and it’s fall, in which case you could be playing basketball or football. I still don’t know. I’m going baseball, though because I enjoy it more.

“I walked by and you said ‘hey’
Yeah, that night’s still Clear As Day”

Hold up. All she said was “Hey”? That line works Scotty? You mean all I need to do to hook a man is just say, ‘hey’? I might give that whirl sometime. Thanks for the tips!

“First time we’d ever beat East Lincoln county
Big party down at Ricky Bowman’s place”

Wait. Where’s East Lincoln county? Are they your rivals? And who’s Ricky Bowman? Is his place cool? What’s it like? Was there a bonfire? A hayride? Movies? What did you do there? Was there booze, because you are underage Scotty. Not okay. I’m really upset with your lack of details here my friend. I need more. You are not painting a very good word picture for me.

“I walked up, you threw your arms around me
And whispered you loved to watch me play
Yeah that night’s still Clear As Day”

Awwww….how cute. And sort of creepy. Why did she whisper it? That’s a little sketch man. I’m not sure about her, but you seem to be okay with her. By the way, what’s her name?

“There ain’t one second, times erased
Every detail is still in place
You hold to what you love
Some things never fade
And that night’s still Clear As Day”

Wow Scotty. That is insightful. I’m not even mad. That’s a pretty deep thought for someone who looks like the guy from Mad Magazine.

“We went to get some fresh air on the back porch
I put my class ring by the cross on your gold chain
You backed my back against those cedar clapboards
My lips ain’t never been kissed that way
Yeah, that night’s still Clear As Day”

WHOA!! You guys are moving pretty fast Scotty! You gave her your class ring?? You guys are pretty much married now. You’re like 12, slow down there buddy. And she is forceful, what with the backing you into cedar clapboard and kissing you and what not. Also are you old enough to be smooching? I don’t even think I’m old enough and I’m 23. But I’m still kind of scared of cooties, so whatever, to each his own.

“There ain’t one second, times erased
Every detail is still in place
You hold to what you love
Some things never fade”

Again, I’m not even mad about this. You’re a wise man Scotty.

“I walked you to your brother’s Silverado
When he climbed behind the wheel he seemed okay
Last thing you said is I’ll call you tomorrow
That’s a call you never got to make
They blamed it on the fog and pouring rain
And that night’s still Clear As Day”

WHAAATTT????!!! What just happened???? Scotty!! This song was so happy, you were falling in love and now SHE’S DEAD?? What kind of song is this? Why did you make me all happy and nostalgic and lovey dovey for the first part of this song only to drop an 20 ton brick on my head and say, “oh, hey, by the way, this girl that’s super great that I was going steady with and stuff…well, she’s actually dead. Ya. Her brother crashed in the fog and now she’s dead. But I’m cool with it now, I even wrote a song about it.” Well Scotty, I’m not cool with it. You either have a happy song or you have a sad song. You CANNOT try to have both. I am just very upset with the way this turned out in the end. And now, since she’s DEAD, I’ll never know who she is. And that’s the very worst part. You painted a terrible word picture and now I”ll never even know who she was. Not even a name.

Stupid Scotty McCreery. Stupid. I was super happy and now, well, now I’m just going to crawl into a fetal position and question my whole life. So thanks a lot Scotty.

[Disclaimer: I seem to ruffle feathers when I add my own personal comments to country songs. People are really touchy about their country music. Many were upset when I mocked the popular Little Big Town hit, Pontoon, but seriously that’s a weird song. I’m not even sorry about that. So to clarify, because apparently I need to, this is written in the tone of ‘humor’, you know, like ‘ha ha, that’s clever’ stuff like that. Also, if someone says to me, ‘maybe you should listen to the songs stupid. Then you’ll understand.” Um…I bought the whole album for 7.99 on iTunes, and while I’m not proud of this fact, I actually enjoy the thing. It makes me twitch thinking about it, but ya, I enjoy Scotty McCreery, ok, so get off my back]

I’m so Versatile

I never win things. Well that’s not true, I won a cake walk or two in elementary school, but I have sneaky¬†suspicion¬†they let¬†everyone¬†win at that game. I also won a hockey puck from Fox Sports Tennessee, because I watch too much hockey and enter too many contests. Other than that, my luck is zilch. I’m not so good at the winning of things.

BUT GUYS! I just won a Versatile Blogger award! I’m not sure what this means for my life. told me it means ‘having or capable of many uses’ so that’s a good quality to have I guess. This is a blogging honor, however it comes along with homework. I don’t really care for this aspect, but for the sake of my rule-keeping ways, I will participate¬†appropriately.

First I’m supposed to thank the person who gave me this award. That’s common courtesy, I’m told.

I¬†would¬†like to extend my utmost gratitude to jeandayfriday.¬†Something about the useless dribble I spit out on this blog made her enjoy what I wrote? (weird)¬†But I’m not mad about it!¬†She so graciously bestowed this honor upon me and for that I say, “Thank You!” You should also click that little link up there and check out her blog. It’s very entertaining and enjoyable. I guarantee you will not hate it! You will love it!

Now the rules to this delightful versatile award I have recieved say I have to give you seven tidbits about myself. And I plan to do this with the most gusto I have ever done anything with. These are the most tidbitty tidbits I have ever…..tidbitted?

1. Every week when I put away my laundry, I refold absolutley everything that was already in the drawer. T-shirts, underpants, socks, doesn’t matter. I refold all of it. I might have a tiny case of the OCD.

2. In 7th grade my wardrobe consisted of over-sized¬†t-shirts tucked into cotton shorts. I was really fashionable. It’s a wonder I had any friends.

3. Along the lines of terrible fashion choices, I wore crocs every single day to work the summer after my senior year of college. I regret every single one of those days. (although my feet were really comfortable you guys)

4. I’ve never been to the ocean…or Disney World….or Disney Land….I had a terrible childhood. I feel pretty neglected. If anyone wants to take me to Disney World, that’d be okay.

5. I went to a hockey game on¬†Tuesday, then I went to one on¬†Thursday¬†and I’m going to one tonight as well. I’m really out of control. I don’t know what has¬†happened¬†to me. I used to not follow sports and now that’s all I do. I need an intervention or something. Maybe just a nice slap to the back of the head. That might help. (It won’t help and I’m probably¬†going¬†to buy another puck tonight….I’m a moron)

6. I broke my finger on a Nerf football in sixth grade. Nerf is supposed to be soft and safe for children. Nope.

7. One day, I will meet Tim Tebow. And I’ll get my photo taken with him and maybe have him sign¬†something. I’ll be really¬†awkward¬†at it, and then I will leave. It will be fantastic.

There we go. That was 7 tidbits. Did you enjoy them? I hope, and if you didn’t that’s too bad, because I’m not going back and changing them.

Now the rules of winning this lovely versatility award say I’m to nominate 15 other blogs/blogger/boogers (not boogers, I made that one up. I have the maturity of a 3 year old) that I follow and/or enjoy, so here we go:

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley
He’s my brother. We share genes. You’ll enjoy yourselves there, maybe.

That’s it. I’m only nominating one person.¬†That’s all I got. Well that’s not true, but my attention span is the same as my maturity level, which is that of a three year old. So rather than try and choose 14 others, I’ll let you fight¬†amongst¬†yourselves for the prize.

If you’d really like the honor of being a versatile blogger, just click that little like button down there and ‘BAM’, you win.

Good luck! (and hopefully someone likes this otherwise I’m a loser, I’ll even accept pity likes)

We have our first winner!
Full of Her Travels
Go there. She introduced me to the idea of eyebrow gel being a ‘thing’ so ya, you should go visit her page.

Winner #2
I like photos and if you like photos you should check out peasquared. There’s always a fantastic photo to enhance your blogging¬†experience! Even if you don’t like photos you should do it because I said so. Plus it’s a great place to visit!

Winner #3
Five Reflections
This is the best place to go if you’re looking for your daily haiku fix. Trust me. Go look. Haikus. Great Haikus.

Winner #4
Boundaries of the Soul
“Daily issues with a psychological twist” Go. Look. Read. Enjoy

Winner #5
She recently wrote an entry about becoming a grown up. And basically all the entries are quite chuckle worthy. Don’t believe me? Well you should. Click the link.

Winner #6
Like cats? and happiness? Well then you should go here. If you don’t like cats or happiness, you should still go. Also, why don’t you like cats and happiness? Weirdo.

Winner #7
This is the place to go if you like poetry. And we all like poetry. It’s much more¬†distinguished¬†and refined than my blog. Nothing about boogers or anything. Go check it out and be amazed by the amazingness.

Winner #8
Go. Read. Enjoy.

Winner #9
This is much more inspirational than my blog. You should go there. RIGHT NOW.

Winner #10
This is possibly the greatest blog name ever. Go. Now.

Winner #11
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Your source for all things educational. You know you don’t get that here so you should most¬†definitely¬†visit Mission Possible.

Winner #12
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Like opinions? I sure do. And that’s why you should go visit this site.

I’ve Been Told I Have a Lovely Blog….

I’m new to this whole blogging community thing. Turns out there’s a whole invisible, made up award competetion. ¬†When you’re nominated for this made up award you have to¬†participate¬†appropriately. At least that’s the message I’m¬†receiving.

So first I guess I’m supposed to thank the person who nominated me. It was this guy at The Life and Times of Nathan Badley. However, I’m almost¬†positive¬†he didn’t do it because he thinks my blog is lovely. I suspect it was¬†solely¬†to ruin my life, because I personally don’t even find my blog lovely and it belongs to me. If it were my child I would feel mediocre about it. So that’s probably bad, but thanks anyway badlandsbadley.

Now the rules of this invisible award say I have to come up with 7 interesting facts about myself. I don’t have any interesting facts about myself. But I’ll do my best.

1. I just watched the finale of Kourtney and Kim Take New York. My main reason was to see Kim’s marriage fall apart. This makes me a horrible person. A really horrible person.

2. I just made some flat bread all by myself. I think I deserve another award for that.

3. I do really stupid things a lot. They mostly involve around watching MTV reality shows.

4. I’ve recently made it my personal mission to tweet to Warner Bros, the NBA, Blake Griffin, Lebron James and Muggsy Bogues every single day until I have convinced all of them to join forces and film a Space Jam sequel.

5. On a related note, badlandsbadley (the bum who nominated me and the sole reason I’m coming up with interesting facts) got tweeted at by Muggsy Bogues. I’m pretty much still writhing in jealousy about this.

6. I didn’t win a contest to get to design a mask for Pekka Rinne, the Nashville Predators goalie, and I’m probably just gonna go ahead and let it ruin the rest of my day.

7. One time I tripped and ripped a large hole in my leg on a pool table. I don’t know if that’s interesting but I think I’m probably the only person capable of such a thing.

Okay there’s 7 not really interesting facts, but I tried. I guess the last step in this nomination¬†process¬†is to¬†send this fun little game to¬†10 others blogs. I’m not cool enough to have blog friends….so……..this is awkward. Um. I’ll just pull out a neat contest called “the first people to like this and/or comment get nominated” because….I don’t want to make anyone feel bad!….YA THAT’S IT. I don’t want to pick anyone because I don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt¬†because¬†I don’t think they’re blog is lovely. It has nothing to do with the fact that I have a serious lack of neat blog friends.

And now no one will like this, or comment and then, well, then I don’t know where we’ll be.