Catching Up on My Snail Mail

I’ve been needing to write some letters recently, but I’ve been very busy and haven’t been able to. So I hope you don’t mind that I’m taking the time to do it here. It’s so embarrassing that I’m this far behind! Please just bear with me as I try to catch up.

Dear Walmart employees,

I realize that you work at Walmart and you may not be real happy with your life because you are forced to wear khakis with a blue shirt everyday. I know it seems obnoxious when I stand in your line to purchase things like deodorant and pretzel sticks. But I’m not doing it to ruin your life. I’m really not. Angrily placing my items in the bag does not make me feel welcome in your store. And when you don’t speak to me or rotate the bag holder thingy ma-bob so I can get my items, I get really sad. All I want is some delicious pretzels to enjoy while I tend to my armpit odors. So next time I purchase products from you, maybe you could at least speak to me long enough to tell me how much money I owe you? That would be nice. Then I wouldn’t feel as though I inconvenienced you quite as much. And I might not hate your store anymore. Okay, thanks for listening. Have a nice day.

Your best customer,

Dear Atlanta Braves,

I’d like to apologize in advance. “For what?”, you ask. Well for the fact that you are going to have a losing season. I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Kansas City Royals have been really terrible at baseball since I can remember. But I’m a big fan anyway, despite their ability to lose all the time. I have stuck by them thorough losing season after losing season. I sat through many a humid summer’s eve to root for them as they lost. It didn’t matter, they were my team. And then I moved to Nashville. I left my precious Royals back in Kansas and something weird happened. They got good. They began to succeed at baseball and they even have a chance at being contenders this year. As it turns out, all the Royals needed was for me to leave them alone and they would succeed. I’m very bad luck for baseball teams it seems and since I left Kansas everything is going swimmingly there. All that being said, now we get to the real issue at hand. You are going to be really terrible this year and it’s going to be all my fault. I can’t watch Royals games here in Nashville, so I had to choose an allegiance here. Unfortunately for you, I picked the Braves. And just as a sign of how much bad luck I am, you have already lost 2 of the only 3 games you have played in spring training. Yesterday you lost 18 – 3. I’m already bringing you bad luck and I’m really sorry about that. But I must have a baseball team to root for. I’m probably even going to attend a game or two. Again, really sorry. I don’t know how I provide this terrible luck for baseball teams, but I do. I just wanted to go ahead and let you know in advance how bad this season is going to be for you. It’s the least I can do, because after all, I’m ruining your lives.  As it turns out I’m not allowed to have nice things, and can’t have a winning baseball team near me.

Your inadvertent worst fan ever,

Dear Kansas City Royals,

Hey guys. I left Kansas City and took my bad baseball luck to the south for Atlanta to deal with. You’re welcome.

Your best fan ever,

Dear writers of How I Met Your Mother,

I’m starting to question you. There’s not really a mother is there? Ted steals those children off the street doesn’t he? I’m not going to lie to you, but your show is starting to make me angry. Why do you keep making Ted fall in love with Robin? You already told us in the first episode that she’s their Aunt Robin. Why do you keep bringing up that story line? This is not a Ross and Rachel scenario. We already know they don’t end up together. So stop it. Stop making Ted love Robin. It’s getting annoying. If you wouldn’t mind just introducing us to the mother soon, that would be great. Otherwise I’ll probably stop watching.

A disgruntled fan,

P.S. I won’t really stop watching if we don’t meet the mother soon, but you will get another, more angrily worded letter.

Dear Kelly Osbourne,

I was watching you this morning on Fashion Police. You were critiquing people’s clothing and fashion choices. Your hair is lavender. How are you qualified to give people fashion advice? Stop it.

All my love,

Whew…glad that’s over with. I think I’m finally caught up on my letters. I apologize for the awkwardness that you may have felt through all of that. I hope you didn’t waste too much of your valuable time reading those. I promise this won’t happen again. It’s so embarrassing, I‘m such a procrastinator!

Making Friends is Easy as 1-2-3

Education is really, really important you guys. It will help us get great jobs. We’ll definitely get a much larger salary with a college degree, than without one. We will for sure use algebra all the time in our grown up life. At least that’s what our parents, teachers, principals, strangers, public service announcements, and Mr. Feeny’s have led us to believe.

A long, long, long, long, time ago I graduated from college. (or like 9 months ago) I decided to be a brilliant young adult and move to Nashville after I graduated. The goal was to get more education and work towards my Masters degree (because obviously after spending 15 years in school I wanted to spend 4 more years) I had no real plans for my life, but I thought “Meh, I can get a job anywhere, I have a college degree now. It’ll be totally easy! Then I’ll be able to pay for the Master’s program and then when I have a Master’s I’ll be able to get paid even more and I’ll be fabulously wealthy!” FALSE. Turns out I quit my steady job in Kansas to move to the land of excruciatingly high unemployment rates.

So needless to say, I was unable to begin a Master’s program and have successfully lived the life of a bum for the past 5 months. I’m getting really, really good at watching daytime T.V. and sending emails to Craigslist job postings. However, something miraculous has happened in the last week.

I have actually managed to obtain gainful employment. But being out of the workforce for 5 months I’m not sure if I know how to relate to people who are not my dog anymore. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m pretty sure I’ve come up with a fool-proof method to make friends at a new job.

Step 1: Be Outgoing
I think it’s best to go into a job with a bang. Now this isn’t really my personality type so it’s going to take a little work. I’ll probably start off with something like this,

“What up, yo?! You’re my supervisor? I’m here for my new job!! I really look forward to working together. Oh ya, by the way, my name’s Amanda. But don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll remember that because I’m really outgoing!”

First of all, I plan to shout all of these things. Shouting is the first sign of an outgoing nature. I expressed that I was looking forward to working. I would not have shared that fact out loud if I wasn’t outgoing. Then, I blatantly stated the fact that I was outgoing. I want to get the word out there. If my coworkers know I’m outgoing they’ll definitely want to talk to me a lot.

Step 2: Be Excited
I don’t want my new coworkers to think I resent having a new job. I definitely want to seem excited and happy to be working so I’ll probably say this to as many people as possible:

“Hi! I’m Amanda! I’m so excited to be working here! Do you love your job here? I’m really excited to get to know you! This is exciting that we get to work together! I’m so excited to have a job. I’m excited for us to become friends! How about you?”

I figure if I say I’m excited over and over there will be no doubt about my excitement in my job. Also I’ll definitely be well-respected if I enjoy my work and talk about how excited I am to be employed.

Step 3: Be Available for any Impromptu Hangout Sesh
This one will be the hardest step. In order to make friends I need to be willing to do whatever it takes to be around my coworkers whenever possible. I plan to eavesdrop a lot and invite myself to any and all weekend plans being made. For instance if I hear coworkers discussing an evening meal at Chili’s I will say this:

“Did you say Chili’s? I love that place! They have the BEST guacamole there! Are you guys going there? You are? Wow that’s awesome. What’s your favorite meal there? I love their burgers!! WHAT? Do I want to join you? Oh I’d hate to barge in, but SURE!!”

Do you see what I did there? I casually mentioned my love of Chili’s then continued the conversation until I got a dinner invite. So smooth. No one will ever see through that scheme. Never.

Won't be long now. Soon I'll be sharing ice cream with my 5 close friends!

See. Making friends is as easy as 1-2-3.

If I just follow these three easy steps I’m bound to make friends really fast. I’ll be the most popular girl at work before I know it! But I suppose there’s also a chance that I could come on too strong an alienate everyone before they even know me…..NAH! I’m just kidding. That’s not even possible!

Feel free to utilize these easy steps in your own lives and you’ll have TONS of friends just like I will!!