Amanda, The Entrepreneur.

I’ll be honest guys, I don’t have a lot going on right now. I’m not using my college degree and I’m currently working at a job which I could have acquired with solely a high school diploma. Unless by some miracle, a multi-millionaire proposes marriage to me, I’m not exactly going to be raking in the bucks. And that’s why I’ve decided to become an entrepreneur/inventor.

I have many great ideas. First and foremost: NERF Furniture

Why is this not already a thing? Nerf is fantastic. Straight from wikipedia, “Nerf foam is made from a solid, spongy cellular material. To produce it, polyester resin reacts with another compound in the presence of CO2 from another reaction. It is this gas that creates open pockets within the polyurethane that, in turn, make the material soft and light.” Now, I’m not entirely sure about all those science words, but I do know that solid, spongy, soft, and light are the exact adjectives I want my couch to possess. Imagine, a couch that you can lift with one hand, yet when you sit upon it, it doesn’t sink in, but supports you while also providing a softness that only NERF can. Granted I broke my finger with a NERF football once, I still think it’s a great idea. I’ve even gone as far as to sketch out the pioneer NERF furnitures:

So, ya know, if any of you guys work for Hasbro, well, you know where to find me.

And my second, and possibly greatest idea is this:

Jágr’s Jágurt© , frozen yogurt with none other than one, Jaromír Jágr as the spokesman/face of the brand. Let’s be honest, the guy is not getting any younger. His hockey career is going to come to an end soon and he’s going to need something to do. That’s where I come in. He could have yogurt stores across the world. He’s Czechoslovakian, do they even have frozen yogurt in Czechoslovakia? No, they don’t. I looked into it and all they do is eat pork and drink beer. We* could bring fro-yo to central Europe. Europeans are very rich**, they will buy anything, especially a product with one of their own on the front. I would be an overnight millionaire and then my good pal, Jaromír would have money to help him survive post NHL stardom. Win-win situation for all.

I’m going to be completely honest, pretty much all of my energy is being focused upon making this a thing right now. If I could get Jaromir Jagr on my team, well, I might poop my pants with excitement.

So Jags, if you’re into fro-yo, you also know where to find me. (seriously though, why do you keep ignoring my tweets? I’m getting the feeling that you find me obnoxious. No one finds me obnoxious. So stop ignoring me.) Also don’t forget, I picked you as the June Dreamboat of the Month, no pressure or anything. If you decline on this offer don’t come whining to me when you’re 55 and out of money because I’ll probably have moved onto a much better idea like a can of dip called, Giroux Choux.***



*Jags and I, obviously.
**I’m obviously an ignorant American.
***I do not promote the use of chewing tobacco, mostly because it’s gross.

I’m so Versatile

I never win things. Well that’s not true, I won a cake walk or two in elementary school, but I have sneaky suspicion they let everyone win at that game. I also won a hockey puck from Fox Sports Tennessee, because I watch too much hockey and enter too many contests. Other than that, my luck is zilch. I’m not so good at the winning of things.

BUT GUYS! I just won a Versatile Blogger award! I’m not sure what this means for my life. told me it means ‘having or capable of many uses’ so that’s a good quality to have I guess. This is a blogging honor, however it comes along with homework. I don’t really care for this aspect, but for the sake of my rule-keeping ways, I will participate appropriately.

First I’m supposed to thank the person who gave me this award. That’s common courtesy, I’m told.

I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to jeandayfridaySomething about the useless dribble I spit out on this blog made her enjoy what I wrote? (weird) But I’m not mad about it! She so graciously bestowed this honor upon me and for that I say, “Thank You!” You should also click that little link up there and check out her blog. It’s very entertaining and enjoyable. I guarantee you will not hate it! You will love it!

Now the rules to this delightful versatile award I have recieved say I have to give you seven tidbits about myself. And I plan to do this with the most gusto I have ever done anything with. These are the most tidbitty tidbits I have ever…..tidbitted?

1. Every week when I put away my laundry, I refold absolutley everything that was already in the drawer. T-shirts, underpants, socks, doesn’t matter. I refold all of it. I might have a tiny case of the OCD.

2. In 7th grade my wardrobe consisted of over-sized t-shirts tucked into cotton shorts. I was really fashionable. It’s a wonder I had any friends.

3. Along the lines of terrible fashion choices, I wore crocs every single day to work the summer after my senior year of college. I regret every single one of those days. (although my feet were really comfortable you guys)

4. I’ve never been to the ocean…or Disney World….or Disney Land….I had a terrible childhood. I feel pretty neglected. If anyone wants to take me to Disney World, that’d be okay.

5. I went to a hockey game on Tuesday, then I went to one on Thursday and I’m going to one tonight as well. I’m really out of control. I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to not follow sports and now that’s all I do. I need an intervention or something. Maybe just a nice slap to the back of the head. That might help. (It won’t help and I’m probably going to buy another puck tonight….I’m a moron)

6. I broke my finger on a Nerf football in sixth grade. Nerf is supposed to be soft and safe for children. Nope.

7. One day, I will meet Tim Tebow. And I’ll get my photo taken with him and maybe have him sign something. I’ll be really awkward at it, and then I will leave. It will be fantastic.

There we go. That was 7 tidbits. Did you enjoy them? I hope, and if you didn’t that’s too bad, because I’m not going back and changing them.

Now the rules of winning this lovely versatility award say I’m to nominate 15 other blogs/blogger/boogers (not boogers, I made that one up. I have the maturity of a 3 year old) that I follow and/or enjoy, so here we go:

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley
He’s my brother. We share genes. You’ll enjoy yourselves there, maybe.

That’s it. I’m only nominating one person. That’s all I got. Well that’s not true, but my attention span is the same as my maturity level, which is that of a three year old. So rather than try and choose 14 others, I’ll let you fight amongst yourselves for the prize.

If you’d really like the honor of being a versatile blogger, just click that little like button down there and ‘BAM’, you win.

Good luck! (and hopefully someone likes this otherwise I’m a loser, I’ll even accept pity likes)

We have our first winner!
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Winner #2
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