Wally and Amanda’s Day of Fun (play by play version)

11:50am – Amanda finds an old sheet

11:51 – Amanda places found sheet carefully over the passenger’s seat in car as to keep it from getting dirty

11:53a – Amanda allows dog (Wally) to potty

11:55 – Amanda takes Wally down the stairs, through the garage, to the car. Amanda opens passengers door and lets him in

11:55 ½ – Wally runs to driver’s seat placing muddy paw prints everywhere (This is magic mud as there is no mud between where Amanda and Wally came from to the car)

11:55 ¾ – Amanda gets sad

11:56 – Amanda backs out of driveway

11:56-12:10 – Amanda and Wally drive to the veterinarian in Spring Hill.  Numerous attempts on Wally’s part are made to enter into Amanda’s personal driving bubble.  Amanda shoves Wally over  and almost crashes multiple times. Wally stands up on door and makes the windows have drool/dog snot spots.

12:10 – Amanda and Wally arrive at the vet without either one of them dying. They enter the building at the same time as a fluffy puppy.

12:11 – Wally has homicidal thoughts towards the other dog. Amanda attempts to keep them from becoming a reality.Wally is not pleased and would like to bark. Amanda is ashamed.

12:12 – Amanda and Wally are forced to sit in the waiting room.  Dogs can be smelled (Not by Amanda, but Wally).  Much growling and moaning (Again, not Amanda)

12:15 – Amanda and Wally are sent to another room to wait.  Wally stands lays limp on the scale. (He weighs 22.6# [#= vet symbol for pound])

12:20 – Man vet comes in and forces Amanda to place Wally on the metal table.  Wally lays limp.

12:21 – Man shoots Wally three times.  Wally is not pleased.

12:23 – Amanda and Wally are allowed to exit the room.

12: 24 – Amanda is told she has to pay an unreasonable amount of money for her dog’s health.  Her eyes get sad.

12:24 ¼ – Amanda tries to get her debit card out of her wallet which is in her purse. At this time Wally is jumping up and down and running in circles and acting like a banshee in every sense of the word

12:24 ½ – Wally escapes from his collar.  Amanda apprehends the escapee before more damage is done.

12:24 ¾ – Amanda finally pays the unreasonable amount of money and get her receipt.

12:25 – Amanda and Wally exit the building as fast as humanly possible.

12:26 – Wally and Amanda get in the car using the same door to prevent more mud in other places of car.

12:26-12:32 – Amanda and Wally begin their (what seems like) long long journey back to Olathe.

12:33 – Wally decides he would like to sit in the back seat. (Amanda assumes it’s because he’s passive-aggressive and is punishing her for making him get shots)

12:35 – Wally vomits all over backseat. (Perhaps again his passive-aggressive tendencies) Amanda cries inside.

12:36 – Amanda and Wally arrive at home only for Amanda to realize she has mud and dog blood all over her white shirt. She is immensely ashamed of herself and curious as to where the blood came from.

12:37 – Wally goes inside house while Amanda uses an entire roll of paper towels to remove vomit from her nice clean car.

Needless to say it was pretty scarring event for both of us.  Mostly me as the dog scratched the beejezus out of me in the car. I was the person with the crying baby on an airplane, only it was the annoying dog in the vet’s office.